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    Amazing how the advocates for gorilla marketers are starting to worry consumers outrage will win at the end of the day.... Crisis of Confidence Spawns Confidence Games
    › › › What's The Buzz? BY Rebecca Lieb | June 18, 2004

    "Worse even than the rise in spam levels is the soaring rate of devious spam delivery methods. Much of spam isn't coming from spammers anymore, it's coming "from" family, friends, and colleagues whose computers have been silently hijacked to function as zombie drone e-mailers. In other words, e-mail deliverability solutions are being developed for and by spammers even faster and more prolifically than for legitimate marketers.

    That's why the FTC has begun holding hearings on ad- and spyware, as lawsuits fly, as in Utah. Quick to pass one of the ill-conceived state anti-spam laws that helped get federal e-mail legislation through Congress, Utah's gone the same route with ad- and spyware legislation. California, as before, is close behind.

    Knee-jerk legislation is easy to understand (if not justify) with the knowledge there's an estimated 28 pieces of devious monitoring software lurking invisibly on every PC. Technical spam solutions are in hurry-up-and-wait mode (and I haven't even gotten into phishing or spoofing). The FTC has its hands full.

    Unfortunately, the mere suggestion of knee-jerk legislation begets knee-jerk consumer attitudes. Which, in turn, creates an optimal environment for spammers and scammers.

    The agency's announced opposition to a do-not-e-mail registry wasn't a day old when bottom-feeders and scams crawled out of the woodwork. Both the FTC and Michigan's Attorney General have already targeted and issued consumer warnings against bogus do-not-e-mail registries, including,, and

    Apparently undeterred, a company billing itself as "the public's only option" for a do-not-spam registry,, announced Wednesday over 100,000 consumers had registered for its do-not-e-mail list, created by unnamed "top attorneys and software engineers." Founder Rocky Mosele (who did not return calls) plans to "drop the first batch of names off at bulk e-mail houses by July 5."

    Drop off? Somehow, that term conjures images of the proverbial foundling left in a basket -- only in this version, not on the church steps.

    Registrants must provide their full snail-mail information to register on the site. A hard-to-find privacy policy confirms "ETHICAL EMAIL has no control over whether or not these companies share, store or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purposes."

    The company, apparently launched two and a half weeks ago, bills itself as "the preeminent resource for analysis, reporting, news and elimination of spam or bulk e-mail on the Internet."

    Yeah, right.

    The depressing reality is just as online marketing is increasingly integrated into the overall marketing mix, so too have the lines between viruses, fraud, spam, deception, and duplicity blurred. E-mail and spyware can no longer be considered separate discussions, nor isolated from considerations surrounding IT infrastructure, security, and computer literacy.

    As you'd suspect, ClickZ's staff is plenty geekier than your average user. Yet in the past month, we've had two PCs go down (one personal, one company) as a result of stealth software.

    The war against spam has been called an arms race, and it is. It's also a contest growing in scope and complexity. Will legislators, federal agencies, and software engineers be fast and agile enough to create solutions before consumer confidence is too deeply eroded?"

    Crisis of Confidence..
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    The only one on Clickz'z staff worth a steady read is Brian Eisenburg the wiz on merchnat site conversion ratios.

    Benchmarking an Average Conversion Rate
    › › › ROI Marketing Sponsored by WebTrends

    BY Bryan Eisenberg | June 4, 2004

    "Conversion rate is like taking your temperature when you're sick. It won't tell you what's wrong, it can only indicate you're too hot or cold. Roughly, conversion rates are the number of visitors who took the action you wanted on your site divided by the total number of visitors.

    Therefore, conversion rate is a measure of your ability to persuade visitors to take the action you want them to take. It's a reflection of your effectiveness and customer satisfaction. For you to achieve your goals, visitors must first achieve theirs." ......

    He's still slightly confused by the fact that I manage the highest converting product web site for 5 years straight with never a glitch in the conversion ratio. Guess He passes it off on the extraordinary great shopping experience all Holdup Suspenders site visitors experience. Repeat buyers convert at a 1/3 ratio. Those receiving a paper catalog convert at a 1/5 ratio. General site traffic converts at 1/20. The etailing organizations refuse to showcase this merchant as an example in an article since their larger budget accounts object to being compared publically.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    For those who like to mix it up in the legal system with spammers/thiefware artists/
    driveby shysters/commission thieves and others who steal for a living, here is the web site for:

    The National Association of Attorneys General

    (A lot of the state attorney web sites have
    anonymous form-mail.)


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