Program Highlights:

12.50% commission
$55 average sales order
Commission duration 30 Days
BYOL available

Join the Allergy Grocer affiliate program and help us provide nutritional and affordable options to the millions of people suffering from food allergies. Allergy Grocer is dedicated to producing and offering 100% safe allergen-free foods-foods with superior taste, texture, and nutritional content, all at reasonable prices. We stock all major brands of allergy free foods. We even produce our own bestselling brand: Miss Roben's.

Additional Details:
- We have customer service by phone or live chat from 9-5 EST and email.
- We offer free shipping within the continental USA on all orders over $100
- We ship to USA, Canada, and Mexico. We also offer international shipping.
- Shoppers are mostly consisting of females (grandmother, mothers, and those who suffer from food allergies). A small percentage is male shoppers.
Join the The Allergy Grocery affiliate program