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    LinkShare reporting a joke?
    I'm extremely frustrated right now. Out of the 5 networks I work with, LinkShare has the worst reporting by far. First off, it looks like if you ping the report more than once in an hour, it completely blocks you from getting a report with this error:

    *REPORTING ERROR: Our reporting servers are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please try again later.*

    This makes it damn near impossible to debug anything.

    Second, when you do happen to get lucky and actually get the reporting server to return a report, the friggin' report doesn't even have a unique ID! WTF, isn't that database programming 101? Did LinkShare hire some high school Turbo Pascal programmers to come in and design their API reporting?

    Really, I'm sorry I'm venting, I know this is out of line, but someone at LinkShare should really address this. I'm at the point where I can't even reliably get reporting from LinkShare, which is limiting my ability to use LinkShare merchants.

    Someone please help!

    If it helps, here is the report I'm using:

    And obviously myuserid/mypass is substituted for my actual userid/pass.

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    They've gone through several iterations of useless reports. The new publisher dashboard is marginally better than their original attempt (Synergy Analytics), but neither come close to the simplicity and speed that their legacy reports had (and all other networks still have).

    I suspect that with the amount of time and money they've invested, that they will never abandon their current reporting platform. And I'm not sure it's fixable.

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    Hi dustin999,

    I understand you are frustrated. We do recognize there is a problem in our system that recently started, possibly as early as Saturday. This is an issue not only for you, but for all of our publisher partners that use this specific method of pulling reports. All of our other reports are working correctly and are currently accurate. I can keep you updated through this forum. As of now our tech team has been alerted and are working on fixing this problem. This is a high priority issue for us and it is being addressed in that manner.


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    Sorry, but the problems did not start last Saturday - they have always existed.

    The two biggest problems to me, and that are ALWAYS PRESENT - are these:

    The home page shows current sales in three different formats, a graph, a system total, and a total by merchant, and it is not occasionally, but frequently the case, that one of the three shows sales different from the other three, such as sales on a recent date on the graph, that are not shown in either the total sales or merchant sales sections, or shown in the merchant sales section, and nowhere else.

    Second, one can click on refresh and new sales appear. Click again 15 minutes later, and those new sales disappear, only to return on a second click a half hour later. Either there are sales or there are no sales, but disappearing-reappearing sales stats are ridiculous. Note - this happened as long ago as in the OLD interface.

    Another problem is that there is nowhere to find all of the info about a sale in one place, as EVERY OTHER MAJOR NETWORK has available.

    Maybe there is a better way to do it somewhere, but If, for example, I see new sales figures on the home page, I then have to go to Advanced Reports and access - each with a significant loading time - at least two different reports to find out 1) the date of the sale and the sale/commission amount, and 2) what was sold.

    This is all absurd, aggravating, time-consuming, and unnecessary.

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    Error here too
    Over here at we are experiencing the same error. I have written scripts to go pull this data down automatically and I noticed it has been failing with the same error "reporting servers are unavailable". After working on this for a while and noticing the URL worked in a browser but not in my script, I noticed that the URL was setting a cookie on the browser. I rewrote my script to use the same cookie and poof - the script worked as expected. I took the cookie back out and it failed again - back in and it worked.

    Seems like for some reason the LinkShare reporting URL is now requiring a cookie which is unfortunate for scripts that just read after the http GET request and don't use cookies. At least that is what is happening over here.

    I am anxious to see this fixed as the script has been working for years until now.

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    dustin999 & indycs99: We identified the cookie issue that indycs99 mentioned. We should have the fix in place before end of the day today. All of your scripts that were working for years should work as they usually do after the fix is in place.

    AffiliateHound:My post was referring to the specific issue that dustin999 mentioned. If you have any other specific feedback, we should discuss via PM. I will take the feedback you have given to our product team so they can hopefully address it and improve your experience with our platform.


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    I see these issues too - frequently
    Hi Ranae: I see these issues too. Very frequently. Commonly, on the Quick reference page, the information at the top and at the bottom is different. As if there is more than one data base they are pulling the information from. This morning, I too saw a sale and then later it was gone. Usually, it works properly, but recently (the past few days or week) I am seeing a lot of those "reporting servers are busy" messages. I wish LS had stayed with the previous format and not gone to this one, which is *very* problematic. Hopefully, with time, they will get it working better. It would have been much better for them to use the "KISS" approach and not try to be fancy. Take care, Lanny

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    Hi All,

    This issue has been fixed and is working now. We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and want to thank you for your patience.


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    21 September 2010 and does not work again!!!!!!!

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