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    Merchants that sell Registry Cleaner Software
    I really don't understand something about merchants that sell registry cleaner software. Why do you "push" your software download so much?

    Why am I asking this question?
    This is why I'm asking this question. Two reasons:

    Reason 1: I'm experiencing certain issues/errors on my computer and I wanted to get rid of these errors. So thought of purchasing a registry cleaner software that could check if there is any problem in the registry. But when I visit registry cleaner seller's landing page, there is no way I can know the "Price" of the software. No matter what I do, all I see is DOWNLOAD NOW. Why are you trying to stuff up your registrycleanersetup.exe up my nose? I want to buy the software and then download purchased copy, why are you pushing the trial so much?

    Reason 2: Today I received an email from a reputed registry cleaner seller/merchant that offered 75% commission on successful sales of their software. I thought ok, that sounds good. I clicked one of the banners in the email and it took me to the software landing page on merchant's site. All I see is DOWNLOAD NOW with a link to registrycleanersetup.exe. There's no way I can purchase the software on this page. I can't even find the price of the software on this landing page and the only way I can know price is by going to the main site root and from their goto the registry cleaner product page and check the price. This software costs $5! Yes sir, $5 software and you get 75% of that! Anyway, price is not an issue. The annoying part is that a customer has NO WAY to buy the software on the landing page. WHY?
    Why are you pushing the customer to download the software? How can affiliates be sure that if they send 100 visitors, lets say all of them downloaded the software and 20 later purchased the software. Does anyone here thinks that all those 20 sales will be reported/tracked?

    Would appreciate your opinion. Thanks.
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    The cookie is encoded in the download, they will be paid if you later decide to buy.

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    For personal computer registry problems I'd recommend advanced system care at Their Pro version might have a affiliate program. Most reg cleaning programs are run by scam artists pushing free scan... then 29.95 for get it cleaned. eanwhile your CC is sold to the Russian or Israel Mob and Hizbolla...

    Just get Malwarebytes and Advance System Care free and enjoy a bug free computer ands make money pushing legit products..
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