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    Affiliate Marketers, here is your FREE Money Training [Value $97]
    Hey Everyone,

    Tim Bekker's new site has just gone LIVE...WOW!

    To celebrate this Tim gives away 50 Free Money Training
    Packages including:

    [3 Blueprints, 5 Templates & 1 Mp3 Recording]

    Grab your free package RIGHT NOW: [SPAM] click here talk soon,

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    CUSTOM BANNERS by GRAPHICS CANDY ~ Banner Sets and Website Graphics ~ Professional design, reasonable rates
    DESIGNER DOG CHECKS ~ We double-dog dare ya to write one!

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    Can we just remove the spam link but leave the discussion up? I'd like to raise a topic.

    $97 "real" value? You see this claim all over the place with people like this. They put together a free eBook or two, bundle it with some "reports" or an audio file or two, then they claim it's got a certain value.

    It's completely made up! The number is meaningless. If the thing they're giving away was never sold for the price they're saying it's worth, then it's simply not worth that amount. Saying "I could sell it for this much..." doesn't fly.

    To my mind, this is one reason why we have situations like the FTC breathing down our collective necks. These spammers and scammers are giving the rest of us a bad name.
    Daniel M. Clark
    Tech Manager
    Greg Hoffman Consulting

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    I second Daniel's suggestion.

    Please unlink the hotlink -- it goes to pages one can't close
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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    Poster is now BANNED after re-posting that spam link

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    Moderator Note: Moved to "Unethical Affiliates", as this is certainly not an "Affiliate Marketing Power Tool"

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