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    Study? Work Hard? NOT NECESSARY!
    In my inbox today:

    Success at work is guaranteed if you buy a Harvard diploma

    In today's world, sad to say, it is simply no longer good enough to just excel at what <br>you do.<br>Very often, in addition to professional abilities a university diploma will be a firm prerequisite for any positon you seek.<br><br>You can be very qualified, with years of practical experience and nonetheless be held <br>back from even obtaining an interview for an appropriate position in your field due to <br>the lack of a university diploma.<br>Fortunately, you CAN get credit for your knowledge and experience by taking advantage <br>of a Recognition of Prior Learning [RPL] program offered by many universities today.<br>RPL is a process that assesses the individual’s formal and non-formal level of knowledge, in order to determine the extent to which that individual has achieved the required learning and competency to complete a qualification.<br>Call us right now and get the credit &amp; recognition you deserve.
    Call us right now for your customized diploma: Inside U.SA.: 1-718-xxx-xxxx Outside U.S.A.: +1-718-xxx-xxxx. Just leave your NAME & TEL. PHONE # (with country-code) on the voicemail and one of our staff members will get back to you promptly!
    Had I only known! If you are wondering about doing it a different way, tuition at Harvard for the 2009-10 academic year was $33,696.

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    Is that it? I've got a spare 35 grand burning a hole in my pocket, maybe I'll do a year at Harvard. I sure wouldn't waste the money on buying a fake diploma
    Daniel M. Clark
    Tech Manager
    Greg Hoffman Consulting

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    I have a youngster working for me that just spent 4 yrs at Harvard...

    I'm paying him 10 bucks an hour and he's pretty damned useless....

    Who the heck goes to Harvard and gets a Business degree??????

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    I hope he doesn't look at ABW ever?

    If anyone is looking for a degree and wants to do it the right way, I say do it online. I have 2 courses left after the one I'm in now, and I'm carrying a 4.0 to this day. Easy peasy.
    Jill Swartwout, President
    Beaches and Towns Network, Inc

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    You mean, I took years of calculus and computer programming courses when I could've just bought my diploma. Dammit! Is that what they mean by working smarter, not harder?
    -Don't criticize anyone til you've walked a mile in their shoes. Then when you do criticize them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes.
    - Silence is golden. Duct Tape is silver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jill View Post
    I hope he doesn't look at ABW ever?

    If anyone is looking for a degree and wants to do it the right way, I say do it online. I have 2 courses left after the one I'm in now, and I'm carrying a 4.0 to this day. Easy peasy.
    Easy peasy? No way. Convenient, yes. Even though you were quite knowledgeable about the subject matter before you got involved, you have been putting in a ton of work and hours. You are definitely earning each credit you receive.
    Bill / Marketing Blog @ 12PM - Current project: Resurrecting my "baby" at South Baltimore..
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    Makes a dad proud, doesn't it?

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    Yeah these "Online Diplomas" are pretty laugh-able. Sometimes, however, I wonder if all the effort in getting a college degree could not be better spent invested in more targeted education. I feel that the work I have done with respect to aff. mktg and content mktg has gone a lot farther in many ways than any degree could (I have B.S., M.S., and B.A.S degrees). I think the ultimate education for someone pursuing aff mktg would be to go back (after working a minimum of 1 year on aff mktg) and take selected targeted courses in business, marketing and computer programming/technology - and some of those could be courses offered at a vo-tech or community college and others could be taken online, via webinar, or at conferences.
    This World is Not My Home
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    We do not need fake diplomas/degrees to validate our life experiences. Any savvy individual or organization will see the value of our work, diploma or no diploma.
    Education, after all, is to prepare us for life and work. It's not the other way around. It's rather our achievements in life that would validate our diplomas and academic degrees.
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