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    After having OE crash last week, I installed Outlook ... and was really pleasantly surprised with it and it's functionality, except for today when it crashed, making me unable to follow-up on my multiple tasks for today nor getting my mail. I've just installed thunderbird to pop the mail off the server but for some reason about 180 messages dissapeared ... yes it's been that kind of day and even worse, week.

    So if I am delayed in responding to your email please don't think a) your on my sh*t list, because if you really were you'd know it b) I'm ignoring you, cuz if I was I would have put you on my sh*t list c) I crawled under a rock and dissapeared ... cuz I haven't (unfortunately for some :P ) and lastly, d) even with the mail working, I also get delayed in responding so maybe, just maybe, I could get a little slack and not have anyone think I'm piturbed if I haven't answered.

    Yeah, it's been a rough day.

    Continued Success and God Bless,
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    Ok..both MS mail programs crashing on you. Sounds like what I had happen last summer. If you've installed any pware of late, it could be the problem. After weeks of any email related program frequently maxing my resources and then 3 frustrating days them finally just crashing and never running, I finally found the fix was to replace the run32DLL file with one from my XP CD. Worked like a charm. Many apps seem to latching onto that file.

    I've yet to even be able to get email to work on the test computer.

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    I use Eudora and don't have the problems that most people have with the MS products.
    Deborah Carney

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