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    July 3rd, 2010
    Angry WARNING: Is A Scam That Owes Me $14k
    I have been promoting through PeopleTraffic's affiliate program for the last 6 months. I promote alot of different affiliate programs and get a lot of wire transfers, and PeopleTraffic was never one of the main affiliate programs I pushed so I didnt notice till last week that they had never sent me a single wire or check for that matter. When I started looking into it I emailed them about the missing wires, at this time I didnt know they had never paid me any wires, they replied with:


    The amount of $700.00 during the period of 06/01/2010 to 06/15/2010 shall be sent via Wire transfer. Accounts payable have the request, please expect 3-5 business days for the amount to reach your account.

    Thank you -

    Robert - SIYC & PeopleTraffic
    ICQ: 569 132 922
    That email was sent on June 25th, as of today still no wire for $700. I knew they owed me more than one pay period so after getting that email I went back and searched for any wires from them and this is when I discovered they had not sent any wires, to date they owe me $14,095. I have been emailing both robert@ and doug@ since the 25th informing them of what I have found, as of yet I have not received 1 reply. I have tried to contact them both on ICQ, they never respond. They where also given fair notice that this matter was going public today in an email I sent them on the 30th, still no reply.

    I will update this thread if they ever reply to me. At this time I would advise everyone to avoid these people, they cannot be trusted.
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