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    Apparel Affiliates - share your wisdom!
    I am starting a website that will promote the products of several mainstream US clothing retailers and department stores. I have a decent amount of experience in web biz and AM but nothing in this niche.
    I have learned a lot by reading the postings of veteran apparel affiliates here and there on ABW - so I know you are out there.
    Please share your wisdom, insight and experience with us!
    My questions are:
    1. Which merchants are picky about letting in new affiliates?
    2. Which merchants convert best for you?
    3. Which merchants give you problems?
    4. What tips would you give to a newbie in this niche?

    And any other important points that you want to make - I would greatly appreciate it!

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    #1 is a tough question. Different merchants have different criteria and sometimes may choose according to their own taste or what mood the reviewing party may happen to be in on the day they process your application. Some may approve me and decline you in the same day, some may decline me and accept you. I have a food gifts website, but I was declined by 3 different food gift basket merchants this past week; so you never know. All you can do is apply to whichever merchants would be a good fit for you, and hope for the best.

    #2 same answer: a merchant that converts well for me may not convert well for you, or vice-versa. You need to go through the trial and error legwork of finding out who converts best for YOU, not for somebody else.
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    #3 - Search on the merchant name here at ABW. Affiliates tend to "out" the bad guys no matter what niche.
    Deborah Carney

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    If you're starting a costume site for Halloween, you are not the only one.

    Conversion depends on how you position the product, your copy, the keyword you target in case you are using ppc or seo.

    But I guess you can do some research on Google and notice which merchants people use often, and start with those.

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    definitely not Halloween costumes. A bit more original than that, I hope.

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    17,328 and discounters like Sierra Outpost and Overstock sell a lot of clothing/apparel items online. Problem in keeping a commission due to high rate of returns when the size 12 gal buys a size 10 online and tells her neighbor it is a size 9. Sometimes it better to just sell the one size fits all accessory like purses, Hats, Shoes (LOL) or
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