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    Question landing pages in question
    could you guys give some more insight to this?...
    i see those ads for Get Ripped in 4 Weeks with Acai Berries, Make 300 daily from Google everywhere!
    for example (REMOVED LINK) and (REMOVED LINK)

    their landing page is simple, uses a lot of marketing technique and im guessing does well for them. What negative reviews can you give about these kind of landing pages?
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    The two landing pages you've linked to are certainly typical of the kind of landing pages recommended by many "get-quick-rich" folks (most of whom are crooks), but there are some reputable folks who also say that these types of landing pages can be effective.

    I would never create landing pages like these, nor would I send traffic to pages like these. I have worked with clients who have used SOME of the techniques visible in these pages, who've done studies that clearly show that specific elements are quite effective at increasing the conversion-to-lead or conversion-to-sale rates. I've also worked with clients who assert that certain elements used in these landing pages will create very high dispute/cancellation/reversal rates.

    You should certainly be aware that the word "Acai" triggers many consumers' alarms, and probably lots of spam filters (I wouldn't be surprised if some web-filtering software treated the word "acai" as a negative-scoring factor).

    The FTC has been aggressive over the past year in pursuing health-related claims in advertising, and has also targeted a subgroup of affiliate marketers who make false or misleading claims about products.

    Some relevant discussion threads:

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    Go back and look at the "Consumer News Report" page. Top center it's dated June 25, 2010. Then scroll down to the comments. They are all between June 20 and June 24th.

    Sites like these just scream scam. Even if you were putting together a legitimate site, which I assume you are, if it looks like these, a lot of people are going to immediately click away because it looks like a scam.
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