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    Talking Google Gurus I need Help :)
    hello to all,
    i tried posting this in the hosting/domain section but it seems to locked me out since i am new to this forum.

    i have a question about duplicate content(yes i read other threads but i am still a bit confused)
    if i have a site A and make several SITEs B, C, D etc with exact same content and with a few options working at the same time on all sites(example, user Bob currently on Site A can PM user Jim currently on site B). How does Google view Site A or in fact all the sites, would all get banned and loose ranking, would only the duplicates of the original get penalized?
    Also keep in mind that each site is on a different domain registrar....

    what do you think, whats the worst that can happen in regards to the big dogs out there, ie. Google/Yahoo/MSN..
    Thank you very much for nay insight, as you can see this is a not a generic duplicate article post.
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    If you make sites exactly the same, even on different servers, and you interlink them you will get penalized and possibly banned.
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    PM is a feature that doesn't matter to Google, unless of course, you leak the content of the "private" message to the public, if possible or make sense at all. Also, separating your domain into multiple registrars doesn't make any difference.

    In fact, they still refer to the same central or root database. If you mean you also distinguish the contact information or even protect it from public eye, then perhaps Google wouldn't be able to trace ownership of all the domains to single individual. Unless you install Google Analytics on all those sites using the same Google account.

    But still, with all the same content, at most only one site will rank well. And if they are able to trace back ownership to you, and you cross link every one of them to each other, then they're likely to get banned.

    If you insist, you should put enough unique content on each site or block Google from all sites but one.

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    Simple advice: Don't try to game the system.

    The "system" knows a LOT more about each of us that we realize.
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    Don't forget Google is also a domain registrar so they can easily check who owns the domain. Take Bill's advice and don't try to game them.

    If you think the government knows a lot about you, you should see what Google knows.
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