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    July 5th, 2010
    Thumbs up Great book!! Any other recommendations??
    Just finished reading: Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich
    and got to say, this book is a pretty good how to guide for us New people in the industry. Very easy to follow, good specific references to helpful sites and this Forum was actually mentioned there.

    Any one else can recommend similar material ?

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    Never trust a website, book or seminar that includes the phrase "Make You Rich" in the title. The only people getting rich are the author/owners
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    July 5th, 2010
    yes i am aware of that, i went through many e-books that were promising paradise and riches once you become an affiliate marketer.

    This book is different, even though the title is a bit misleading, the author is actually against the quick rich schemes. It is more of a guide, something that is available on the Magic Bullet post but more in depth...

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    And how much did it cost? Bet the last digit of the price was a "7".

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    At Amazon, the price is currently $14.93 List price $21.95. Not a single "7" there.

    People in this forum somehow "hate" 'Make You Rich' product, and surprisingly ClickBank, with a passion. I tend to position myself in the middle. Absorb any information I could and move on, working my projects.

    One has to admit some strategies are solid. Besides, aren't we here hoping that someday we are at that "rich" position? Maybe most of us have it now, lifestyle wise.

    Rosalind is a well known author in affiliate marketing arena. Her Affiliate Marketing Handbook was one of the books I read back then in 2004. Good information. Was a best seller in ClickBank. I can say she is NOT a Get Rick Quick marketer but use a strong title to sell her book.

    If you are willing to read forums, you can probably find more information here than in the book. But anyway, a book is always time saver.

    Regarding your question, esquire2010, after looking into the table of contents at Amazon, I can say you have most of the grounds covered. Now go build a web site. You don't need any more information. You can always overcome your challenges while working on the project by visiting this forum.

    But if you insist, go with something more specific. SEO, PPC, or anything that you plan to do to market your web site.

    Hope that helps.

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    i like "tested advertising methods", "tipping point", "four hour workweek", "purple cow" by seth godin, "seobook" by arron wall, and "differentiate or die"
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    Have you read Internet Marketing from the Real Experts?

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    August 13th, 2008
    Thumbs up for the "purple cow".

    Next stop, "marketing in the age of google".

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    July 5th, 2010
    wow, great flood of comments. Thanks for sharing guys!

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