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    Can Affiliates Prevent Fraud in Lead Generation?
    If this seems like a stupid question, forgive me.

    My Google Adsense account was disabled due to a click bomber. I am still optimistic about earning money online dispite not having Google ads on my blog. Therefore, I have joined several affiliate programs.

    Yesterday, I was approved by Maxbounty. Since then, I've written an article that refers to one of the pay per lead offers.

    Before, I start driving traffic to this article, can anyone think of precautions that I should take in order to prevent a malicious person from causing my website to be banned from this network? To me it would seem as though the sign up form would have fields that prevent duplicate email addresses and phone numbers. I have not completed the form because I don't want to appear as though I'm trying to get paid for signing up myself.

    Any useful info will be appreciated.

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    I would first try to determine where your traffic is coming from. Most foreign traffic especially from Russia is spam. Maybe try setting up some filters to prevent this type of traffic. Another thing, make sure you advertise to the right audience. Advertising for product ABC on a wares/xxx site or a site about cheating/scamming/ect. is not going to bring the best traffic.

    Also, talk to your Maxbounty Affiliate Manager for advice. Maybe ask him if you can do a test lead.
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