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    Technology Products - What Sells And What Do Not?
    I have been wondering electronics items make good goods to sell online. I mean does anyone even purchase a TV, cell phone,etc. from third party websites like ours? If anything, people either go directly to Amazon/eBay or to the manufacturer's site to buy.

    But there are some products that can sell online. For instance, I think cell phone accessories or digital contents sell very well online.

    So can someone suggest me products that will & will not sell online. I am trying to build a list here.

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    I doubt many, if any, affiliates will tell you what sells and what doesn't. One affiliate may not be good at selling them and another is making a killing. The general public does not know, usually, if your site is an affiliate or third party site. They search, research and buy. Back in my affiliate days over 90% of my sales were for computers and electronics. IMO, if it sells you can make money on it.
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    If a merchant has product in stock, their site is live, and their affiliate program is active on a network, then they have obviously paid their suppliers, paid their hosting provider, paid the network fee, and met current payroll demands and other sundry bills. For this to happen, they have to be selling enough of whatever it is that they offer for sale.

    The question should not be "What sells?". The question should be "What would I be able to sell?".
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