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    Is there a way to add to cart directly on an affiliate site?
    It should help conversion and protect referral effort if we could jump to amazon's product page and add the product directly to amazon's shopping cart automatically. Is there a way to make it happen? I am not talking about aStore which is too much on affiliate sites.

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    There is, but you need to use the AWS API.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KirkMcD View Post
    There is, but you need to use the AWS API.
    No, that is not true. You can add one or more items to the Amazon cart without using AWS.
    Valerie Magee

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    It is not hard to do with AWS. I have a script that I is being beta-tested now that does just that. If you blog, you add keywords that creates the links to products that are in your amazon store, which the customer adds to cart then buys from

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