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    I'm a newbie here and this is my first post so I hope no one will scream if this isn't posted to the right discussion board. However, I could use some advice on the networks and the pros and cons of them. Can anyone compare or contrast the major ones like CJ, Linkshare, Performics, Shareasale, etc? From all the posts I've read here, it appears everyone hates all of them, but which are the worst and the best in reality, if one has to try to live with them? Thanks so much!!

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    I am Fairly new hear i started about 5 months ago. an here is my opinion on those major affiliate programs.

    CJ-Cj has a wide variey of proven and unproven merchants. i would say they have the best ones out of the bunch. they usually have good tracking and its only about an hour or 2 delay on tracking unlike some sites which take days. no the down falls. It takes for ever to get a check in the mail especailly the first one. took me 3 months and still waiting for my 2nd check.Also i have heard it hsa parasites which is bad. ok now linkshare.

    Linkshare- like share also has a wide variety of merchants almost as good as cj.there payments are on time but u get individual paymenst from each merchant unlike cj where u get one big one. the tracking is slow. for example any sales today u wont see until tommorow.

    Sharasale- i am not with this people but i have only heard good things about them. they r parasite free. good tracking and they pay ontime. or so i have heard. they also have some good merchants.

    Performics-not with these guys either have not heard much good things about them.

    well thas my opinion about them it probably is not like many of yours but i guess thas why its my opinion and not theres.

    And also if u dont my getting paid once every quarter i highly reccommnad and sites like that like barnes and noble and so forth. well like i said i am kind of new to this but i have made a coiuple of grand from it so far. Good luck to ya Julier u have my best wishes

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    Networks like CJ and I think Shareasale are self directed networks in that you (the affiliate) need to apply to each affiliate program individually. You get one combined check for all programs, but each is essentially it's own affiliate program within the network. In theory, the merchant is responsible for contacting affiliates himself, and recruiting his own affiliates. Most of their programs (but not all) are Paid Per Sale.

    Networks like our, ValueClick and Websponsors are less self-directed by the merchant. The merchant doesn't really do anything once he's part of this type of network. He just sits back and collects traffic/leads/sales. As an affiliate of this type of network, you're allowed to advertise all the merchants within the network once you've been initially approved. Most of the programs on this type of network (but not all) are Paid Per Lead.

    CJ type networks also usually have more stable long-duration programs as the merchant actually selected CJ as the base to run his affiliate prgram, as opposed to getting listed at a network like MaxBounty where the merchant isn't looking to run an affiliate program per-se but is just looking to get extra leads/traffic/sales for his site. Networks like Websponsors and have campaigns that come and go frequently at a somewhat faster pace.

    These are all pretty general comments, but you could say that if you're looking to create a website around a particular affiliate program, you'd want to go with a CJ type network.

    If your site doesn't target any single affiliate program in particular, and you like presenting your surfers with a variety of ads which change on a regular basis, a network like is more for you.

    ...of course, this is all thrown out the window once you start talking about CPM networks like

    And really, most affiliates are best served by signing up and advertising many affiliate programs from a variety of networks. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thank you!!

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    CJ - good

    Linkshare - no consolidate check

    Performics - good, but you need to update their banners from time to time, not like cj auto-updating banners. i hate getting email from them saying they are going to "deactivate" certain expired links tracking completely.

    There are many other smaller networks now

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