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    Market our marketing product

    We are new to affiliate marketing and came up with an idea of giving free license to those who write nice reviews on our product. The product is again a marketing tool for twitter, please suggest how to proceed.

    Team Texient.

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    Based on current FTC Guidelines, if you reward reviewers they need to acknowledge in their review that they were compensated. If you only reward reviewers for a positive review that creates something of a credibility gap. I'm dying to see how you solicit those reviews.

    Perhaps a better (and certainly more honest) approach would be to provide a number of free copies to individuals and bloggers that are prominent in the space that you plan to market to in the hopes that some will provide "honest" reviews of your product.

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    Thanks rematt!

    We are planning to give free license to those who write reviews on our product which is rich in content and generates traffic to our website. This will be measured based on the page rank of the site in which the review is posted. We welcome both +ve and -ve feedbacks so that we can take necessary steps to improve the quality of our product.

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