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    right keyword phrases ?
    What is the steps or the process to find the right keyword phrases for any website ?

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    You have to be clear with what you are trying to accomplish. You can start with Google Adwords Tool.

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    First look at site content then your business, think for a moment that what will you write for searching your business. For example your business is "website Design", now search this word in Google keyword suggestion tool , look for competition and paid ads, if you have confidence on your self that you can bring this keyword on top then keep this other wise select a cheaper word like Affordable Website Design.

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    To get a stronger grasp of walking through that sort of process from start to finish, checkout Wordtracker's Keyword Research Guide

    We created a fictional company, Virginia Veg, and asked experts to provide real answers to the problems facing its CEO, Susan Webster. The result is an e-book packed with insight, tips, and techniques on keyword research that you can apply easily to your own website.

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