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    Newbie question: updating prices
    Hi all,

    Sorry for the basic question. I'll start basic and then specific.

    Are datafeeds used for updating information or just initial product loads?

    I'm investigating software to use for a new site. The site will have specific products from specific merchants. Right now I'm considering Joomla and maybe CMS Shopbuilder add-in. It's not clear from this configuration, or any other, if it has the ability to update product information, such as prices, or if it becomes static once products are loaded the first time.

    Any other suggestions for a site of this type, where selected products are listed and require update.

    Thanks for any help.

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    you'll find that products can appear and disappear rather quickly in some datafeeds. people usually refresh their datafed pages on a regular basis because of that.

    you should a/b test pages to see if the click-through rate changes when you show/don't show prices.

    sorry, I don't have any experience with CMS software.

    Welcome to ABW!

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