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    Question: $10.00USD payout, 5% conversion rate - would you run it?

    I'm wondering how many publishers here would run a site with a $10.00 USD payout per lead (CPA) on a site that converts about 5%.

    I see a lot of people where seem to sell things like diet pills and such which have higher payouts (but probably lower conversion rates), or CPC campaigns.

    So..yes? no?

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    Really, I guess it would be WHAT I was collecting leads for. If it was something that I didn't believe was unethical, I would. It also depends on how valuable of a lead that is being generated. If it was like loan mod leads that can be worth $35 to $50 each, then no. If it was $10.00 each for biz op leads, yup, I would be all over that.
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