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    can I build a review site like this?
    I apoligize if this is something I should know, I've checked through search and can't find anything really like my question.

    I used to work in a very specialized job, and I started a site with a few related areas on it and one in particular is taking off pretty well after the first couple weeks. Having worked in this specific industry I know that there would be a use for a site where users can review a specific service industry. What I want to do is build a review site with one post for each service business and use factual information about the services they provide (editorial if I've used them). Then I would use the star rating plugin to allow readers to vote on the different aspects of service and make comments to either recommend or otherwise that particular buisness.

    Since this wouldn't be a product review really, and I don't have a relationship with that business, can I do this? Unfortunately, none of the service businesses have affiliate programs--I'd be using this part of the site to help draw traffic to the rest of my site and to sidebar ads, etc.

    Would I need permission from the business to put their name and information on a review site?

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    You have found a niche and there is nothing wrong in building the site on it.

    With respect to permission from the business, you better check with them first. If the information is available in public and if does not harm them in any way, they will let you post the information.

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