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    In my dream, this certain merchant had done a driveby download of a program that was automatically generating thousands of pages on my computer and they were all showing up on my task bar and filling up my hard drive. I think they expected me to publish all these pages and I didn't even want to use their program.

    I couldn't make it stop. My computer was dying and I was making a desparate plea to ABW for help.

    I need something to eat.
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    Careful....spicy foods can cause sequels
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    I've had a couple of work-related dreams. In one I had made a ton of sales with one of my indies. This was one of those dreams that seemed so real that in the morning I couldn't get online fast enough to check my stats. I was so disappointed to find that I had dreamed all those beautiful sales.

    SSanf, I think you need a little vacation perhaps.

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    Oooh, what a good idea!

    (kidding, kidding, kidding!)


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