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    Unhappy Dell SMB ignores this affiliate
    As I've said before, "Affiliate Marketing is a dubious profession".

    The number of things that can and do go wrong between the sale and the commission posting is, well, a lot!

    Despite several requests since APRIL 24th - to Dell SMB (thorough the CJ interface & regular email) & also 2 CJ Account reps - to query missing transactions, I have receive no response from Dell SMB on missing transactions. Not a word in almost 90 days!

    Now, how does that vouch for anything to do with honesty, integrity or efficiency? Maybe I will receive a "sincere apology" sometime this year?

    What is the best way to follow up on the intentional lack of communication between - some - advertisers (like Dell SMB) and their affiliate publishers who are definitely not receiving - provable - commissions for sales.

    Affiliate marketing is a dubious profession and companies like Dell Small Business do not help this reputation to improve.....

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    May 31st, 2008
    Dubious Dell SMB at CJ....
    Maybe Dell SMB in the US are receiving tips and training from their Dell Canada affiliate team at (shudder) the other network! Dell Canada are by far and away superlatively the best at NEVER responding to any email requests. Aren't they?

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