I would like a bit of advice on how to market a hotel accommodation site. I am an affiliate of hotelsCombined and I have had a lot of success already. Problem is, it's success from craigslist. What's that you say? Yes I am following every policy carefully. I know that using craigslist isn't the greatest way. I wouldn't mind paying for traffic either. Currently from craigslist I am getting on average of $0.11 value per visitor. Any help on promoting my affiliate site while still making a profit would be great.

I believe in paying for great advice. If you are interested, you could give me a list of keywords to try for a ppc campaign in Yahoo search or something, and include what to bid for (can be city specific). In return I will give you the amount earned in the first 7 days from the campaign via paypal. Also any other venues of marketing campaigns and I will gladly pay for the first 7 days of commissions earned as well.

Thank you in advance

Oh, you might be wondering what kind of site I have. If you check out the hotelsCombined site then you will basically see what I have as my site.