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    How to get into affiliate network without a website?
    Hello guys!

    The thing is, I want to make a price comparison website but for this, product feeds from merchants are needed. But to get product feeds from affiliate networks I almost always need to have a website. So what should I do?

    1. Is it possible to get into the major affiliate networks (CJ, Shareasale, Linkshare, Tradedoubler, Zanox) with a niche website and then later use the product feeds and affiliate stuff on another website with a different niche?

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    Personally, I would go ahead and build the site. You should have your format laid out and then you could add some content. That will get you through the approval process and then you would just change your site to include whatever programs you get involved with.

    With our websites, we always build the sites first, but instead of displaying search results or offers it will display a message "Waiting on approval to offer ABC Bank cards" or another unavailable message, and that way the banks can approve the sites by their criteria, then we load the product feeds into the database of the site to be displayed.

    Most networks want to be able to review the site that their offers are on. I know that some networks won't forward your clicks to the merchant sites if it didn't come from the site that you don't have listed with them.
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    You could lay out the site and then email the merchant before you apply, explain what you plan to do and when you plan to be live.

    Not all merchants want to see the site first so you may get into their programs and start to build out your site with those products. Then reapply to those that declined you before.
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