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    Exclamation Big problem with DirectTrack affiliate links?
    Hi, over the past several weeks I've been noticing that about half the time the affiliate links for the company I promote don't work about half the time. Instead of redirecting to their lead generation page, they instead direct to Obviously, my commissions are down and after first not admitting any kind of problem DirectTrack has acknowledged it's an issue. I can't imagine how much money is being lost due to this issue. I'm just one guy, a small fish in this business with losses of several hundred this month. Is anybody else seeing this? You have to click in your aff link a few times sometimes to see it. It's fairly inconsistent, but seems to happen about half the time. DT is apparently looking into it but it's now been two weeks and still no solution. I'm amazed I can't find anyone else discussing this.
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    I believe I'm using just one merchant in DT; don't see a problem here (yet).

    meanwhile, welcome to ABW!

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    thanks for the welcome Herb and look forward to learning here Sometimes you have to click a few different links a few times to see it come up. I suppose it could be isolated to one merchant but that would sure be strange.

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    Can you share which affiliate program you are running?

    The specific merchant/network you are working with likely is having DNS issues with their private domain. This is often mistaken for a program issue, but can easily be traced back to a DNS provider throttling back queries to the private domain (see: GoDaddy!)

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    Hi, thanks for your input. I'd rather not reveal the merchant publicly but thanks for this and I'll pass it along to them. I know they are as frustrated as I am in getting an answer from DT, but will mention they might want to look at their host too.

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