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    Hi everyone -

    I'm new to affiliate marketing & I'm definitely still in the learning stages. I am considering getting into it, but of course I want to do some research and learn what I need to know before jumping in.

    So far, I've learned how lucrative it can be, how great it is to have freedom in your work and all that jazz, but I'm especially interested in the challenges faced by affiliate marketers... like generating traffic, finding people to market with you, establishing a place in your niche, finding a niche, blogging, building a site, tax issues (I live in NC, which is apparently not a good thing for this industry), general frustrations, etc.

    So if you wouldn't mind sharing some of your advice on these challenges or how you overcome the challenges of the job, or even posting some links with more information, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChelseaJanea View Post
    So far, I've learned how lucrative it can be, how great it is to have freedom in your work
    Lucrative? Have you been reading some ebooks? Or perhaps you already encountered success early on, which is great!


    I would say it is not easy to do affiliate marketing as many have tried and not succeeded. If you have a niche, ideas, thoughts, content that you believe that has not been approached from a certain angle, method, etc. before, AND there are merchants out there that sell your products, AND there is a market, then you have a heads up.

    It takes lot of self-discipline, hard work and I believe creativity to come up with marketing ideas to capture traffic, an audience, repeat visitors and to convince people to buy. You have to be a self starter.

    You won't know until you try and I would say, give it a whirl. I think once you get your first sale, you'll be hooked. Good luck!

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