Hello everybody.

I have been looking for a tool to work with datafeed files for a while and I finally decided to give Datafeed Studio a try. I could download a free version to try (only allows you to manage 2 feed files) and when I decided it was worth the investment, I acquired the full version. This was approximately 2 months ago.

I am not really going into specifics here, but the software does exactly what is says it does: your datafeed files are parsed and imported into a database on your server. The data in the database is normalized (all feed files are different, but once the info is stored into the database, then it's easy to manipulate) and ready to be put into your website. Datafeed Studio comes with parsers (importers) for a few networks, but it is real easy to create your own: as long as you have a text file with fields and you know what's in each field, Datafeed Studio will be able to import it for you (unzipping it first, if that's the case)

I use it on a wordpress blog, and including price comparisons inside a post is ridicolously easy, just place anywhere you want a shortcode like this [ds query=+xbox +360 -arcade] and it will populate a price comparison for xbox 360 (within your merchants) but excluding the arcade one. This is golden.

Martin (the author) is constantly working on improving the software and he's quite receptive in capturing feedback from his users: requests easily become features (within limits and within the direction where he sees this tool going).

And this is what is best about Datafeed Studio: its author. It is an incredibly complex tool (at least for me) which requires some tender love and care at installation (the whole thing is crypted and you need to install ioncubes on your server) and during upgrades/changes if you want it to run smoothly. You can pay the software and install it for yourself or you can pay an installation service and Martin will do it for you. I decided to try the do-it-myself route first and i crashed and burnt. I asked Martin to do it and everything went smooth.

So, my final words (but am open to questions) about DFS. The software is great. If you want to work with datafeed files, i doubt you can find more value for your money than DataFeed Studio. If your product database starts to get large, your server (at least a shared server) will start to twitch. I had to pass from shared to VPS in order to be able to use datafeed studio. Martin's support is great: I believe in the past 2 weeks I wrote more emails to him than to any other person. He always answers in a timely fashion and in more than one occasion i handed him the "keys" to my server and he fixed the issue for me. Greatest support ever - and to be fair, i believe without it I wouldn't have been able to install and use the software.

On top of this, the software becomes better and better with each version. I bought v2.8 and now v3 is already out with a great package of updates and new features. If you bought v2.8 in 2010, the upgrade to V3 is for free. I heard some of the features that DFS will (possibly) have from version 3.1 and one it's a thing that I know will instantly increase my affiliate sales!

Hopefully this will be helpful to somebody else in search of a good way to work with datafeeds.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Datafeed Studio or its author (even with the amount of emails we exchange!) and I don't get paid in any way to write this review. I just like the product very much, I just wish I could control it better - but the support is there to help me.