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    Interview with ad affiliate company
    This was semi-fishy, however I read a post on here regarding this company. However I want to lay low on the terminology used in this post, not to offend them or anything.
    is the network I recently was trying to get accepted into.

    Took them approx 1 day to get back to me, I have a conversation i'd like to share upon request by any members. I don't wish to have this public until a more trust member/mod accepts it on here.

    I asked some questions basically, some went un-answered. The entire conversation was quite awkward.

    More or less it felt like they were looking for bodies to support them.

    Just msg me for details.

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    Why not post it and remove any personal information.

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    CPA Network wise, there's plenty of them out there. Ones that have been around for awhile and ones that have the good sense not to pick a name associated with marijuana as part of their name -

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    True that. ^^ well here we go

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    That link points to a directory with a .doc file. Sorry, but I'm not downloading a random doc off the web. Why not just post the contents?
    Eathan Mertz

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