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    Request for Verification of Authorized Dealer Status for an Affiliate Product
    I have a website built from a datafeed supplied by Vann's at Shareasale. Today, I received this letter requesting verfication of authorized status. There must be thousands of sites using Vann's datafeed. I wonder how should I deal with this. Should I write to Sonance directly or wait and see whether there will be further action from them.

    Subject: Request for Verification of Authorized Dealer Status

    Sonance has partnered with Net Enforcers to monitor the Internet for the advertisement of 92535 in order to protect its brand equity and support its valued Authorized Internet Dealers.

    Sonance sells 92535 through Authorized Internet Dealers. It has come to our attention that you are advertising 92535 for sale, but you are not on the list of Authorized Internet Dealers provided to us by Sonance. Among other things, only Sonance Authorized Internet Dealers may use Sonance intellectual property, offer Sonance warranties on products, or claim an affiliation with Sonance on their website.

    If you believe you are an Authorized Internet Dealer of Sonance products, please contact Sonance at hollym at no later than August 18, 2010 with a brief explanation of the agreement through which you obtained Authorized Internet Dealer status with Sonance.

    Sonance reserves the right to enforce its rights against any unauthorized dealer at any time.

    Net Enforcers Inc.
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    First thing would be to talk with the Affiliate Manager and then Sharesale. Maybe they can shed some light.

    Hold off on answering the e-mail at least until you get more information.

    Added note.
    I don't know NE ....When I try to connect to their site, it will not come up. I get an internal error message.
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    net enforcers were a royal pain in the a__ for a lot of affiliates promoting Sony and a few others. This was just a couple years ago. Yes -- go up the chain of command fast.

    and you might contact your hosting company also and let them know this is happening.
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    I have written to Vann's and have not got a reply.

    If I do not receive a reply, I may contact Sonance directly.

    I can see that the next thing that will happen will be that a C&D will be issued possibly with a demand to account for the items sold and compensation.

    I am quite used to this, it seems that I receive some sort of legal threats every year. Still is highly disruptive and I would prefer to avoid them.

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