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    Just got an email from "Paypal" about Notice of Pendency of Class Action and Proposed Settlement. Usually, when there is a class action, legal representation from the offensive side will contact end users, NOT the defending side. Can I unleash my wrath to this spammer or is this legit? I know there was talk of a class action a few years ago but wanted to run this by the group before I go on the offensive

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    This discussion has been going on for a couple of days now on another list, if you go to the paypal url (type it in directly) you get redirected to a site that supposedly explains the suit. I left after I read it because I have not ever had funds frozen by PayPal so don't fit in the class to get compensated.

    Others have indicated it might be legit, or not. No one seems to know for sure.

    If it is spam, it is someone with access to the paypal server, there is a redirect from a real page on the paypal server.

    There isn't a notice when you log into paypal, which I would assume there would be for something of this magnitude, AND the emails seem to be going out rather haphazardly, if you just got yours today. I got one yesterday, and most of the people on the other group I am on got them 3-4 days ago.

    It actually seems to me that it could be a disgruntled employee attempting to make lots of trouble or gather information for the lawsuit. They apparently do not ask questions that would allow them access to your account if it was a scam.

    So I will be interested to hear if anyone has real answers too!
    Deborah Carney

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    Keep an open mind about this. I just had a web-design meeting today with a client who told me all about the PayPal email he got & was convinced it's legit. Maybe not worth his while, though.

    I got lots of class-action letters about the MasterCard/Visa lawsuit concerning my business's credit card merchant account for a while which was legit, so I would assume that your email would have an attorney's name, a court ID number or something you could use to verify its authenticity.

    Don't dismiss it out-of-hand. A long while ago, our Union's lawyers brought suit against the Postal Service under the Fair Labor Standards Act, in which, as I recall, the Post Office was was forced to pay for work performed even if it was performed outside an employees schedule. (i.e. "Finish that task before you leave. And no overtime"...Ahh, the f-ing good old days.) If I recall correctly, my portion of the settlement was over $700 dollars. Maybe not much by today's standards, but it paid for the birth of my daughter. More importantly, there were hundreds of thousands of employees and an important government agency was taught it couldn't run itself outside the law.


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    I got my E-mail several days ago, and it certainly reads like the authentic thing. I've never experienced any of the situations covered in the suit, so I didn't investingate any further.

    It does seem there would be some sort of notice within PayPal about this. I guess anyone who might be part of the class action could E-mail PayPal support to verify its authenticity.


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    I would like to hear more about this. I have never had my paypal funds frozen but I know someone who has.
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