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    Pix in the link? is it a must ? what it is for ?
    Hi all,

    I am just have a few questions about the CJ tracking links

    In the text links, for example
    < a hre f = "http:// /click-linkid" target="_top">
    Adverts TEXT < / a > < im g src= "http:// /image-linkid" width="1" height="1" border="0"/>

    Shall the img (pix) be embed in the links to make the transaction tracking works? so to speck, is it a Must ?

    I just want to make a domain forwarding, can I just simple enter the href in the forwarding destination ?

    BTW, does CJ have any function to let publisher to build their own links ?
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    The pixel just tracks impressions and has nothing whatsoever to do with click/sales tracking. It has long been a common practice to just toss these for sake of less code clutter on pages.
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    re: build you own links. There is a loinger explanation, but in a nut shell, if a merchnat has some product links, ithe url will have code http://www....?url=http://foo Look for the ?url= Take that link up until the = sign and replace what's after the = sign with the page you want to foward it to. 90+% of the time it'll work, there may be some need for url-encoding every once in a while (usually this isn't necessary), but since you are a beginner start with this and see if it'll work.

    I don't want to go for a whole big explanation of if this then do that and in this case it'll never work.
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    You have to be careful with that for another reason: Some merchants do not have product links available for certain products because they do not want affiliates promoting them and they will not pay commissions on them.

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    Pix in the link - what is it for?
    Quote Originally Posted by Reviewfbi View Post

    In the text links, for example
    < img src= "http:// /image-linkid" width="1" height="1" border="0"/>
    The primary reason for it being there is to immediately delete it.

    A secondary reason is for it to seriously mess with your carefully crafted CSS .img tags.

    At least it's not as bad as linkshare's.

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