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    Google pulls plug on Google Wave
    Google is waving good-bye to Wave.

    The company said on its blog on Wednesday that it is halting development on Google Wave, a real-time collaboration tool aiming to combine various forms of online communication.

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    I had signed up for Wave back when it was in Beta, but as of now I had forgotten all about it. Wasn't even sure what it was and had to read the article to remember. I do remember that I had no use for it at the time. Google has so many things it's hard to try them all.

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    I remember many people asking me and urging me to use it.

    Glad I ignored it.

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    Android 1 phone pulled now this. Both were thought to be game changers.

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    It was never a beta it was a alpha and google from day one stated it was just a concept and probably ntohing would be made with it.

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    What's Google Wave?
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    I was happy to get an invite to use it, then I never did...
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    the main problem was its appearance... very conventional design... although it has some great functionalities and Google was in verge of degrading its own product orkut, youtube, blogger and friendsconnect. The software was too rough... and might get bad reputation of google in market... i must say a good decision... but it should remain in googlelabs only... no beta test would help google realize that its just a dumphole....
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