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    ok i have a site that does well through ppc overture.. now i decided i would create another domain promoting the same products and put that in my overture account and use the same keywords.. point of it.. was to try a differnt site feel... see how well it converted.. anyway.. overture, findwhat none of them will let me do this.. they say you cant have 2 sites promting the same product even if they are differnt domain names and completely different layouts... if they are both in your 1 account you have decide between one site or the other??
    that sucks..!!

    so what if lets say... next month i decide to promote cell phones and i want to see which merchants converts the best... by having one domain promoting a1 wireless t-mobile products and the 2nd domain promoting lets talk - t-mobile products

    They wont let me have both sites appear together for the same keywords

    So what do i do... do i have to open another overture account? or findwhat account.. and if so do i have to use a different name on the account so they dont recognise i already ahve an account???


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    I think all PPC does this at least Adwords and Overture. You're only allowed 1 ad to show for any given keyword. They do this so 1 merchant or 1 affiliate can't occupy all the PPC space. Good reason merchants use affiliates to help them occupy some of that space.

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    YOu can only do what you are talking about if you come up with a different set of keywords...

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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