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    What are the best verticals/niches to get into?
    Hi everyone! I am new to both this forum and affiliate marketing, and I am wondering what everyone thinks are the best verticals to get into right now? Thanks!

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    The best ones are the ones that are related to your site(s).

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    January 18th, 2005
    Stuff that's hard to find in local stores, or stuff that many people would rather buy discreetly are the easiest things to sell. Sex toys and stuff like that are the kind of things that the online environment provides a unique outlet for.
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    The answer will be as different as there are personalities in this business. For the last eleven years I've been doing OK with hotel reservations (very tough to get into today - unless you work some niches). For the last three years Jill and I have been doing well with checks. We also sell a lot of other "stuff" online but the hotels and the checks pay the bills and buy the toys.
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    They're the ones that most affiliates who don't want more competition won't tell you about.
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    It is always much easier to write content for topics you're interested in. Start there and see what you come up with.
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    All good points. I agree with you davidh that the internet is a really great place to market things that are difficult to find or that people prefer to buy in private. Maybe I should think along those lines.

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