Webgains is pleased to announce its partnership with Easy Content Units for our US & UK platforms.

In an effort to help affiliates monetize their traffic more effectively, Webgains has partnered with ECU. The partnership has three main aims:
*To introduce Webgains affiliates to the ECU service so that our affiliates can benefit from this best-in-class tool
*To introduce Webgains to any ECU-using affiliates who may not already promote Webgains merchants
*To ensure that affiliates promoting Webgains merchants benefit from 100% of the traffic generated by their units.

At Webgains we pride ourselves on the high quality of our datafeeds and the reliability of our datafeed system. With the majority of affiliate sales generated through product links, we believe datafeed quality is of the utmost importance for the success of an affiliate program. Easy Content Units, who incorporate all Webgains datafeeds into their service, allow affiliates to build content units easily and simply by selecting products from our merchant feeds. Affiliates need no longer wonder how to handle vast datafeeds – ECU takes the hassle out of dealing with feeds and helps affiliates populate their sites with product content!

Affiliates using ECU’s free version will get 100% of their traffic when promoting Webgains merchants in the UK & US. We invite all Webgains affiliates to join Easy Content Units today to make use of this great tool: http://easycontentunits.com/home.html

We also invite all ECU affiliates who haven’t joined Webgains to create an account with us: http://www.webgains.com/signup.html?action=stepzero. Enter your campaign IDs in the ECU tool and start benefiting from this offer.

As mentioned, the quality of feeds is paramount, and Webgains reminds all our retail merchants to ensure their datafeeds are kept updated on an daily basis. In addition, we recommend that our merchants provide branded merchant units for their best sellers in the ECU interface to ensure affiliates have every opportunity to maximize program returns.

We hope that this initiative will help affiliates better promote the Webgains US & UK merchants, as well as give our merchants further ways to partner with affiliates.

We would love to hear your feedback on our network, please don’t hesitate to contact us with all your comments:
*email: assistance ( at) webgains.com
*twitter: @WebgainsUSA