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    Would this sell?
    I have a product that is a residential firewall that you plug into your computer/wireless router...It will protect your computer from viruses,worms ect....but I want to market it as a pornography blocker...The only way to go around it would be to unplug the box from the computer...if this were to happen an email and or a text message will be sent out.

    The box would costs approx $250 initial and a maintenance fee of around $22/month...

    Do you think this could sell? I want to market it to families that want to protect themselves from having people access pornography. If you are on a wireless server it would still block it. Let me know if you think a product like this could sell in the affiliate world..

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    Just my opinion, but, no, I really don't think there's a big enough market that you can sell this to.

    My kids were grown and gone before the Internet really came along, so there may be others with more accurate, current opinions than mine.

    But I think, with all the software solutions available, and with most modems/routers for broadband and DSL having built in firewalls of one sort or another -- I just think you would have a whale of a task convincing enough families that your $250 box and $22-per-month service fee were worth it.

    There may indeed be a big market for it -- but you'd have a hard time selling them on those prices, would be my guess.
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    I want to market it to families that want to protect themselves from having people access pornography.
    Have you considered it as a potential solution for schools, libraries, churches, workplaces, etc.

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    Yeah, I think commercial market is better than residential at that price, however, most commercial and educational institutions already have firewalls in place.
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