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    August bad start
    I have been doing very good in jun/july but since august its very bad with sales almost 60% sales it usual in america during backtoschool times ?

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    In the United States, typically when comparing the first 9 days of August to the first 9 days of July you wouldn't be lower - because of the 4th of July holiday during the first week of July every year.

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    well, you must get used to this, customer's manners really have huge influence on business.

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    All depends what you are selling. If you have a "back to school" site, sales can pick up in August. It you diversify and have a few "summer-only sites" you will notice fewer seasonal drops.
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    Thanks to God i findout the problem of my two months sales decline...i took preventive actions... and glad i am back on the track now... Cheesehead.. have you exactly analyzed what could be the reason.. i think two months are too much to sit and wait for sales to move up radically.....
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    Sales-speaking, August was and will be a bad month, even if you are promoting something related to "back to school" or "vacations" your sales will decrease for the simple reason that people are actually going on vacations.

    The more you diversify, the less you will feel the decay, but you will feel it anyway.


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