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    PEAR and Verizon Wireless?
    does anyone know what PEAR does, especially within verizon wireless, for some reason google webmaster tools, sent me a message saying they removed a site (which I didn't make) Wireless/update.htm due to phishing, and I have no idea, how it got there? i upgraded my php application to the latest version, and added more security, but does anyone know how it got into my site? I am using joomla. i removed that directory, but i'm clueless on how it got there? does it have to do with extensions?

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    PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository It's a very legit open source PHP add-on to most apache server setups. It does many things, but I only use it to build forms on some of my back ends. I really doubt that it in itself is giving you the problem.

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    What FTP program do you use? My guess is that someone has your password and put that there. Change your site password immediately.
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