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    For any search I now run on google or any other major search engine, a search results window railbar jumps into the left 1/3 of my browser window.

    For example, if I type 'tickets' in a google search, not only do I get my search engine results from Google, but I get a second spyware panel on the left side with offers for tickets that I didn't ask for. It's absolutely annoying beyond belief.

    Adware and spybot don't seem to notice it and I can't locate it anywhere on my system.

    Has anyone seen this pig yet on their own machine?

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    Just tried searching on google including the term 'tickets' and am not getting that panel.


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    You might just have to hit "crtl" + alt + del and see what tasks are running on your system and remove them one by one till you uncover the culpret. Then note the name of the task that's running.

    Another way is to got Start button ...then -run
    type in msconfig and look under the startup folder for the perp. You'll find all your affiliates who use Knoodle or findwhat and a slew of other PPCSE's bid on the results you see in the hijacker space.
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    Try this site Mike has been recommending,

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