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    HTML links for a specific page.
    Hi everyone

    I have a basic gardening site that I want to improve upon. I have an account with shareasale.

    I want to include some photos from 4 Seasons Nursery on my site and link my affiliate ID to it.

    The html links on shareasale are for banners and text ads, but I want to create a link to a specific page on 4SN.

    So if my site was about roses, I want to send the visitor straight to the roses section.

    My only experience with linking is from Amazon and they provide links for you.

    So, how do I get a html link with my affiliate ID included for a specific page or photo. My site is quite specific for its niche, so I want to send a visitor straight to a relevant page and NOT the whole 4SN website.

    I have asked 4SN themselves but thought I would ask here as well.
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    A feature similar to that is built into ShareASale. In your affiliate interface the third column of choices is "Get Links." Choose the one that says "Create a Custom Link to a Page" and follow the instructions.
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    Look at Create a Custom Link to a Page under the Get Links menu.

    1. Select Merchant

    2. Paste the Destination URL to the page you want them to land on

    3. Click Button

    edit:looks like Bill can run faster than me.
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    Thank you Bill and Uncle Rico

    Just visited the SAS site and sure enough, I found the "Create a Custom Link to a Page" feature. I followed the instructions and Voila!!

    Thanks again guys.

    PS Nice feature regarding Create License Plate Link too. Didn't know about that either.

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    Since this was Shareasale specific I moved it to the Shareasale forum so hopefully someone else with the same question can find the answer too
    Deborah Carney

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