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Thread: Every Girl Loves a Little Sparkle!

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    Every Girl Loves a Little Sparkle!
    Swarovski’s new Autumn/Winter jewelry line has recently been unveiled, and wow, do they have some gorgeous pieces! Every girl loves a little sparkle and their new line does exactly that. Below are links to two of my favorite rings. Should you use these please make sure you replace **Your affiliate handle** with your unique ID.

    I especially love these two:

    Nirvana Flash Lavender Glitter Ring
    HTML Code:**Your affiliate handle**?CTY=37&DURL=
    Marie Crystal Moonlight Ring
    HTML Code:**Your affiliate handle**?CTY=37&DURL=
    If you’d like to showcase any other item in the line, please sign into the MA and click on Make Links --> Link Engine. Enter the Url in the field, click on ‘Create Deep Links,’ and viola, you’re links are ready for posting! Yes, it’s that simple, and the best part is you can use this to increase conversion rates!

    Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

    Karen Varecka
    Account Manager
    Phone: (888) 791-0341 x6
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