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    merchant homepage default affiliate link
    i have a question
    when customer click visit store, is there any affiliate link which can connect to merchant homepage?
    i cannot find this link from linkshare backend.

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    I can't imagine any merchant that doesn't at least have a text link that directs to their homepage. Check again, the text accompanying the link may not say "Home Page" but you can alter that to say anything that you want. You can also use Easy Links to create a link to the merchants homepage (or any page you want for that matter) if the merchant utilizes Easy Links or contact the merchant and ask them to provide one. But again, I doubt very seriously that there isn't one there already.

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    many links go to the homepage

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    As Vrindavan said, there are many links in the Links section that go to Merchant Home Page.

    If you really can't find it then you can use our Deep Linking tool to create links to the home page. It may sound silly to use the Deep Linking tool to create non-deep links it is still a link builder.


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