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    I'm not old, but I am losing it
    Been waiting 2-3 hours for 2 shows I watch to come on.

    Unfortunately they're Sunday night shows and well, it's Saturday night.

    I was curious when my reminder didn't pop up. Although my sleep schedule is junk lately, so that's probably why I don't know what day it is. Another bad thing is, I've been listening to "Honky Tonk Saturday Night" on my favorite radio station for the last hour ... which I listen to every Saturday night.

    *smacks forehead*

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    LOL, I've done that before..

    waiting, waiting, waiting

    time comes, but not on ?

    hmm, perhaps on later

    waiting, waiting

    hmm, still not on, perhaps it was on earlier

    checks television listing... odd, that lot is usually on yesterday !?!?

    checks date on via satellite controller.....

    D'oh !!!!!!!! It is yesterday !!!!!!!

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