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    Thumbs up Which affiliate network is the best in your opinion?
    Which affiliate network is the best in your opinion?

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    Their is no perfect affiliate network you have to find which network is best for you. I assume you are thinking from a merchants point of view or are you asking from an affiliate point of view??
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    If you look around here or do a search on that phrase and you will find a lot of different opinions depending on what your focus is.

    A better question would be "What is the best network for (fill in the blank with your niche)"

    The answer will still be "it depends" but at least it will narrow it down.
    Deborah Carney

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    We also have polls every year, so you can get an idea of what our (predominantly affiliate) audience here thinks is the best:
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    Bear in mind that the polls reference ABW affiliates' favorite network, which isn't always the network that will make you the most money. If you intend to run a deals/coupon site or a price comparison site, you will likely be dealing with most or all of the major networks and will likely find that the bulk of your income will come from a non-favorite.

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    Your best bet is to do some research (like you are doing) by asking questions, checking out review websites, talking to other affiliates, etc...

    My suggestion would be to get yourself about 5-6 "good" networks that you feel comfortable with. Each network will usually have a different set of offers to choose from, and even if they have the same offer on multiple networks it will allow you to split test conversions between the networks.

    Talk to the network when you signup, ask them questions, and get an overall feel for their knowledge in the industry. If you have a good comfort level run some traffic with the network the first month or two to feel them out.


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    The best one is the one that can combine all good points of each network.

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    I agree withe the ongoing views; there couldn't be an exact definition of a Perfect Affiliate Network. It all depends on what product you are selling, what is the target market etc as different networks have expertise in different networks.

    You should find the best in your niche. Read more and more forum threads to get ideas about what the affiliates are saying as they are the only person who can give you the right picture.

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