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    I wish...but perchance to dream.

    However, does anyone have the exe. names for the various scumware garbage.

    I found a bunch of them all neatly tucked away on my puter and zapped all I could determine were what they are....most of them were neatly within the save you from adware crapola that somehow got on my machine.

    However, I must have missed a couple as the damn pops keep cascading away. I think it would be very useful for someone to make a list of how the scum is named in the exe file so they can be more easily zapped.

    Damn things are harder to kill than cockroaches.
    Even harder because you can't find them.


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    The exe names probably won't do you any good....even if you delete them, the programs will regenerate need to get the programs that will uninstall them, and get all the remnants off your machine, from the exe's and dll's to the registry settings to the folders, etc.

    Start with spybot and adaware and they will get rid of most. Anything too persistent for them to get rid of will require individual attention and research.

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    For any particularly difficult to shift little tapeworms try here:

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    August 4, 2004


    Personally, I don't think it is truly possibe to remove all the criminal trashware/thiefware from a Windows hard drive with one or even several several programs. They are like cockroaches infesting your hard drive.

    Me? I just delete Winwdows and various Program
    Files with IBM PC DOS 6.3 with Dosshell,
    rewrite all of the empty sectors with zeroes and reload afresh.

    I use a Windows 95 computer because it is a lot faster than Windows 98 and light-years faster than that horribly bloated bizarro-looking Windows XP.

    It is a hassle but at least the Windows drive stays clean for a very short while.

    It works for me!!

    Now, if I can just get rid of this Macromedia popup that has popped up on me about 20 times this morning!


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