I am a fine artist who sells limited edition prints - online as well at art shows. I have a strong site, solid online store with strong art work. Manufacturing is all done in house to maintain quality beyond others and we can supply a high demand - though that is not where we currently are.

The work and art shows currently support me in this economic downturn. And I started selling 2 months before the '08 crash.

I do way better at art shows as many more eyes see my work there than the web - currently.

Is me getting involved with affiliates a better idea than following through with the galleries who want their 50% commission on inventory that I leave in their possession for a few months?

I believe so. Never the less finding independent artists doing doing affiliate marketing seems like an anomaly.

I hope I am not breaking rules here and I am really hoping to add real substance and money to a network of ethical affiliates at SAS.

Am I dreaming?