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    Pay per lead or pay per sale or both?
    In our affiliate program we give away a lot of free content to build up to the product launch. Since this makes our sales cycle a month long, we are thinking of doing a pay per lead incentive as well as a pay per sale commission.

    Does anyone have any experience doing this or best practices they care to share?

    I'm also interested in finding and Lead Gen ROI calculator if anyone knows of one.


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    I think you need to have a robust system in place to play in the PPL realm on top of your PPS. Reason, PPL will see a lot of fraud and people will try to take advantage of this.

    A company that is doing it

    I think have / had a good tracking for that. I think at one time, they might have been doing PPS and PPL. I have not been following them. Checkout eBay too. Not sure if they are still doing this.

    If you have your mechanism in place, PPL and PPS is a doable and an incentive for publishers.

    Things to consider
    -email address
    -ip address
    -geog of an affiliate
    -geog of a new signup (PPL)

    1 keyword "AUTOMATION"
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    Sounds harder than you would think. thanks for the input, Eric.

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