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    Domain Strategy Question for Multiple Sites
    I was wondering what advice you might give in this situation...

    I'm developing a number of related niche sites, all related by general industry, but unique by category within the industry. A made up example would be the automobile industry, with different categories of sites by auto brand name. I went out and purchased domains for each category that I plan to cover, like:

    (all made up for this hypothetical, but you get the picture...) Each site will be based off of a main template, with all unique detail though.

    I also have a 'main' site domain -- for this example would be called ''. I don't have any specific purpose for this main site domain yet as a separate site, although I may use it to reference all the category sites and put some content on it as well.

    Now to the question -- due to not having enough money for software licensing costs for the software that I will use, I can't afford to install this software on each separate category domain. I can, however, within the terms of the licensing, set up the software on different subdomains of my main site--for example:

    This however will not give me any advantage of using the main domain names that I purchased for these sites. I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up my new sites, to maximize search name value (I think the category domains that I have would be the best main domain names), and success of the sites. Here are some of my thoughts:

    - Setup each category domain to 301 redirect to the corresponding subdomain (but then I guess get no real value from the category domain). I could brand the web pages to show the category domain name on them, even though in actuality they are being run out of the subdomains (and the subdomains would show in the browser bar).

    - Setup each category domain to do a temporary redirect (302?), and from what I've read possibly get google indexing under the category domain names. Would brand the websites with the category domain name, but they would be running out of the subdomains.

    - Do number the first or second option above until I make some $ from the sites, and then transition each site to its standalone category domain name (loosing any indexing from google -- unless I guess I do redirects that allow me to maintain indexing and pagerank, which I've read that other people claim to have done?).

    - Other??

    Once I start using the subdomains, I'm not really sure how worth it it will even be to transition down the road to my category domains. The sites aren't 'name brand' sites-- the domain names are description, not something uniquely special like a brand name'.

    Thanks for any insight and suggestions. I don't know that there is any right or wrong answer, but any advice is appreciated. For my purposes, (a) I must use the software I mention above (so dropping the software isn't an option), and (b) because of licensing, I will not consider using the software in violation of the licensing terms. I have about 20 category sites, so could slowly transition them to standalone category domains as I earn enough $, if this was my choice and it added value.

    Sorry for long-winded message! Jeff


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    Watch out if you put a trademarked trade name in a domain without permission you could get sued by the company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhia7 View Post
    Watch out if you put a trademarked trade name in a domain without permission you could get sued by the company.
    Thanks Rhia7 -- poor use of examples on my part. These are just made-up examples for my question.

    *edit* I tried to edit my original post to change the examples and remove any trademarked names to avoid confustion, but can't edit my original post--maybe it has been too long?
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    Can you select one site to cover / sell / handle all the subcategories like a big box and redirect your other sites to it until such time as you earn a few $ then begin to give the other sites thier own individuality. b,c,d,e feed a - a grows, gets big (wealthy) enough to let b leave home and go out on his own and then a and b can then support c,d and e in turn??


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