Hey All,

Good news indeed. SouthBeachSmoke.com, truly the fastest growth program I've worked on in over 8 years, is now live on Commission Junction (CJ).

We're still fully committed to our in-house program, but understand that many of you prefer working with a larger network due to consolidated payments, reporting and the convenience of updating links with one log-in. So, now we can offer you that

We're really expecting great things from CJ partners and the early results from our in-house program strongly indicate that a great deal of publishers will make a ton of cash with SouthBeachSmoke.com.

Here's the deal. We're offering 30% Base Commissions on all our Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits (Starting at $29.99 for our Premium Kit), although our Deluxe Kit is currently the most popular with it's unique 2-piece design. Deluxe Kit starts at $49.99 with the Home Delivery Program, which at 30% will pay you $15 per order. We also pay 30% on replacement cartridges. Cookie length is 120 Days.

Example Banner:

Now here's the sweetener for our friends at ABW. Go ahead and sign-up at CJ (link below), and once done just drop me a short email at patrick (< at >) southbeachsmoke dot com. Let me know how you intend to promote us, (we're also interested in hearing from PPC and email marketers) and if we like your plan, and I'm sure we will, then I'll permanently assign you to our VIP Commission Offer of 35% on all products.

But we won't be offering this for long - probably just 2 weeks while we get the program up and running, so let me know as soon as you can.

Here's the sign-up link: https://members.cj.com/member/177195...iserId=3041962